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HydroGap vs. Standard Housewrap Drainage Comparison

See how HydroGap drainable housewrap eliminates excess moisture and prevents the damaging effects of mold and rot. Its unique design provides up to two times the performance over other drainable housewraps and removes over 100 times more bulk water than standard housewraps.
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The Effect of Surfactants on House Wraps

Surfactants, an acronym for "surface acting agents," are compounds that are commonly found in building materials such as concrete, stucco and wood. When these compounds come in contact with water, they can potential compromise the integrity of your house wrap.
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Benefits of a Tri-Laminate House Wrap

A water resistive barrier is more than just a water barrier; it's the core component of structural integrity. If it fails, the entire wall fails. It is important for your WRB to have the water holdout layer protected so it isn't damaged during application or cladding installation.
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